Old Man Winter will be knocking at our door before we know it. Because we are all too familiar with warm today, freezing tomorrow, stay ahead of the cold with these 5 tips on winterizing your garage.

  1. Seal your garage:

We use our garages for many purposes:  entrance to our homes, park cars, store tools and miscellaneous items, keep garbage cans, and the list goes on…  Unfortunately, the garage is also a great place for critters to create a second home in the winter.  Keep rodents out of your garage by making sure the weather stripping around your garage door is fully in tact.  Seal all cracks with caulk and fill holes with steel wool.  Nobody needs additional “pets” in the winter.

  1. Cover your switches:

ConservationMart.com estimates that 2% to 5% air infiltration comes from outlets on outside walls.  This is such an easy way to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

  1. Lubricate

According to Today Home and Garden, the average garage door opens and closes 1500 times a year.  The last thing that you want is for the chain to get rusty and lock up in the middle of winter.  Lubricate the chain and chain rails with proper lubricants for increased efficiency. If you are not comfortable with garage door and chain maintenance, we have service plans available to take care of everything for you.

ODW can help with:

    • Check cables, rollers and hinges
    • Adjust springs
    • Lube door and opener
    • Check opener operation and safety reverse

     4. Be Prepared

The best way to be prepared is to organize, organize, and organize.  Neatly store your spring/summer equipment and make room for the winter goods.  Make sure all shovels are easily accessible, snow blowers have a full tank of gas/oil and are ready to go.

  1. Miscellaneous:
  • Cover and store your patio furniture
  • Drain your sprinklers/cut off water to outside faucets
  • Clean gutters
  • Cover your outside air conditioner