Why Choose Omaha Door & Window

There are many different directions you can go and factors to consider when it comes to selecting a company for your home remodel and service needs. Having any level of repair or updating done to your home is an investment, and it’s extremely important that you opt for a professional you can trust to not only get the job done right, but to keep your best interest in mind when performing the work.

Research is key to ensuring you select the best person or company for the job. Here are 4 key questions you must ask yourself about each and every professional in the running to ensure you’re able to make the smartest decision for your project, and why you can count on Omaha Door & Window to check all of the boxes:

  1. Are they insured?

One slip off of a ladder is all it takes for an uninsured contractor to throw your insurance through the roof. Not only would you be liable for personal injuries that occur on your property, but also for any damage that may occur to your own home and to the property itself.

Omaha Door & Window ensures that each and every contractor that steps onto your property is fully insured. We are committed to providing homeowners with that additional protection and peace of mind.

  1. Do they follow proper building code laws?

Knowing and abiding by code requirements, such as when safety glass is needed or proper sizing for egress, is something that not only protects you now, but also if/when you’re trying to sell your home. During a home inspection, any windows that are not up to code will be flagged. Bringing those windows up to code could cost you twice the amount for the same project, which is why it’s so important to make sure the codes are met the first time around.

Here at Omaha Door & Window, our sales force is fully educated on city codes and will follow them to protect you and your investment.

  1. What’s their reputation?

The best way to find out how a company conducts their business and works with their customers is by checking out their reviews. Look at Google, Facebook, and other reputable review platforms to get a sense of the experiences that others had with the company. You’ll likely start to notice a common theme when reading through the reviews and that will help you decide whether or not the company is one you’d like to work with.

ODW is highly rated with 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google. According to our customers, the common review is that they like the quality of the products we sell and the professional installations we provide.

  1. How long have they been in business?

Within five years, half of all businesses will fail. If you opt to hire a relatively new company that goes out of business, you would lose any labor warranty that was offered.  You would need to find another company to resolve issues from the previous install and that company will charge for their work.  Considering a company’s years in business as a qualifying factor may help you avoid this scenario altogether.

Omaha Door & Window has been a family-owned business operating locally in Omaha, NE for over 60 years. We currently employ 100+ people from all across the area. We appreciate a personal touch with our customers and are able to give more one-on-one attention unlike most national chains. A company only stays in business this long when they are producing the results customers tell their friends about. Being voted Best of Omaha 14 years in a row is just one other example of our dedication to our customers, and we look forward to continuing to uphold this commitment for many years to come!

Always take care to answer these questions before making an agreement with any company, even Omaha Door & Window. We know our bases are covered, but we want the customers who rely on our expertise to know they are working with a professional they can truly trust.

Give us a call today and ask any and every question you need to. Our team is more than happy to help!