An argument is made that the most overlooked area on the exterior of your home is your gutter. It’s definitely an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem.  Without a ladder, there is no way to tell what’s going on inside the gutter.

The purpose of your gutter is to catch rain and direct the collection of water away from the foundation of the home. If trees are near your house, they can prevent gutters from performing their most basic function.

The Dangers of Leaves Inside Your Gutter

Chances are your gutters are full in the spring, summer, and fall with leaves and other debris from trees that are close to your home. With clogged gutters, a string of problems ensues:

Flooded Basement. Downspouts transfer water away from your home and the foundation. When clogged, the only direction water can go is over the sides of the gutter. This overflow tends to collect near the foundation and has been the source of many flooded basements.

Detached Gutter. When leaves obstruct the flow of water within your gutter, the water becomes stagnant and accumulates. This accumulation adds weight your gutter is not designed to handle meaning your gutter will begin to pull away from the house.

Mold & Wood Rot. Once a gutter detaches, even slightly, space is created for water to overflow into the overhang. Because there is no sunlight or air movement to dry or evaporate the water, moisture build-up begins triggering the molding process. Eventually, mold will turn to wood rot compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Sure, you can get on the ladder several times a year to clean out your gutter, but it’s both time-consuming and dangerous. Most homeowners do not work on ladders daily. One wrong move or unlevel surface turns those steps into an expensive medical bill.

Solution: GutterLock Protection

The GutterLock Protection System is essentially a cover for the top of your gutter. This design has panels that slide under the first row of shingles secured with screws to the gutter itself.

Replacing your current gutter to add the GutterLock Protection System isn’t necessary unless you also want to replace your gutters which Omaha Door & Window can also do for you.

The design works like this…

Water flows off the roof, onto the panel, and over the outside panel. While water flows around and into the gutter, leaves and debris are directed onto the ground. Gutters stay clean, and you stay off the ladder.

Gutter Lock Protection is available in 13 colors to match almost any roof a home may have. To learn more about your gutter protection options, give us a call or explore on our website!