LiftMaster is the leading brand for garage door openers. One of the biggest ways they take charge is by constantly enhancing their products’ security and technology to keep you safe and make your life easier.

One of LiftMaster’s newest products on the market that Omaha Door & Window is proud to offer is called the WLED. This opener operates with built-in LED lights instead of light bulbs. LiftMaster is one of the first companies to offer this option.

To put things into perspective, traditional garage door openers have 1-2 lightbulbs, which does not provide much light and typically only lights up the area directly underneath the opener. The LED lights on the WLED have two panels with over 100 small LED lights in them. This helps illuminate your entire garage.

Specifications of a Normal Opener with Standard Light Bulb(s)

• The average light bulb in an opener is 100w, 1600 lumens, and 2400 kelvins
• The timer on the light is typically preconfigured and not customizable
• Illuminates a small area of the garage

Specifications of an LED Opener

• LED puts out 3100 lumens, and 4000 kelvins, giving you a much brighter light that illuminates a much broader area
• An LED motor opener has an adjustable timer on the light that’s customizable
• There is a battery backup option on the WLED model. If it is in backup mode, the light will not turn on.

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