Can you tell if your door needs to be replaced or fixed? Mid-April traditionally marks the start of the rainy season, which means an opportunity for water damage if any of your doors are not properly sealed. Between that and any damage that may have come into play over the winter months, your doors could be in need of some added attention.

Because Omaha Door & Window performs both door repairs and full replacements, we have years of experience in determining if and when you should opt for repair over replacement and vice versa. Let’s look at the doors throughout your home and discuss what the different motivators are for replacing and repairing…

Entry Doors

Gaps Where Air Is Coming In

  • What to Look For: Can you feel air flowing in from around the edges of your door? Are there visible gaps or openings allowing unwanted airflow?
  • What this Means: There are two possibilities – the weatherstripping along the sides, top, and/or bottom of your entry door is worn, or the door slab is warped.
  • Solution: A weatherstripping issue can be resolved by replacing the materials around the door to regain a quality seal; however, a warped door must be replaced.

Doorknob or Deadbolt Not Working

  • What to Look For: When turning the doorknob or deadbolt, is it sticking, turning without opening, unable to turn both ways, or making an audible grinding sound?
  • What this Means: A screw could be missing or loose, or a mechanical piece within the doorknob or deadbolt could be broken.
  • Solution: It’s a quick DIY repair for doorknobs and deadbolts that need tightening or an added screw. If there’s a break or issue due to intentional tampering, a replacement will be needed.

Frame or Threshold Deterioration

  • What to Look For: Do you see darkened spots or moisture along the frame or threshold of your door? Are there areas that feel soft or rotten? Are there visible cracks or signs of extreme wear and tear?
  • What this Means: Wood rot is present. Rotting wood allows water into the surrounding walls, which will cause mold and loss of structural integrity.
  • Solution: Replace the entry door and door frame completely sooner rather than later. The more damage done, the more likely there will be serious complications from the growing issue.

Level of Security

  • What to Look For: If you look at where the deadbolt goes into the door frame, do you see wood only, or is there a steel plate?
  • What this Means: Without the steel plate reinforcement, you’ll see that approximately 1/2 inch of wood is all that needs to break for an intruder to enter your home.
  • Solution: Our doors feature the steel security plate behind the frame for the deadbolt to slide into. These steel plates are built into the door design, meaning a new entry door is required to obtain this dramatically improved level of security.

Door Style

  • What to Look For: Does your door show signs of spotting, chipping, peeling, discoloration or faded coloring? Is your door’s style outdated and in need of a modern refresh?
  • What this Means: Whether it’s a result of regular wear over time or changes in your style and preferences, your door may no longer be positively contributing to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Solution: You could repaint or re-stain the old entry door, but it will still have the same overall style and all of the other baggage that comes along with an older door. Consider replacing the door altogether and upgrade to a contemporary style that better compliments your home. Currently, there are hundreds of styles and colors to upgrade your home’s outer appearance.

While many of the issues that occur with entry doors also appear in other types of doors, there are a couple additional items to keep in mind as it relates to storm doors and patio doors…

Storm Doors

Damage or Issues with Functionality and Appearance

  • What to Look For: Does your door have broken glass, torn screens, dents in or around the door, a bent frame, or the presence of a draft while the door is closed?
  • What this Means: Storm doors are the most used and abused item on your home due to the high exposure to inclement weather and frequent usage (especially if you have kids). If a storm door is worn or damaged, it may not be serving its full potential.
  • Solution: Weatherstripping, glass panes, and screens can all be replaced by ODW. If the door has worn hinges or if the wind has bent the frame, a new storm door is needed. Consider upgrading styles to truly accent the front of your home.

Patio Doors

Costly Performance Issues

  • What to Look For: Have you noticed higher utility bills and increased levels of energy consumption?
  • What this Means: Patio doors are normally the largest opening leading directly into your home, so it should come as no surprise that they frequently lead to the most energy loss due to air leakage, inefficient glass, and faulty, deteriorating, or missing hardware.
  • Solution: Replace weatherstripping, glass panes, worn rollers, and faulty handles to help improve overall performance. However, if the patio door is showing signs of rot or several of these problems are occurring at once, a full replacement is a more logical decision.

If a repair is what your exterior door needs, ODW has a Millwork Service Department that can assess the issue, provide a free estimate, and replace parts to get the door working properly. If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your home’s exterior doors, keep in mind that products purchased from Omaha Door & Window are energy efficient, have excellent warranties from the manufacturers, and are backed by ODW’s two-year installation warranty. Plus, you can select from a wide array of styles and colors that will upgrade your home to be the showcase of the neighborhood!

Contact us today with any questions or to explore the variety.