When something breaks down around your home, one question will always come to mind – should I repair it or just replace it?

This question definitely applies to windows and doors.

ODW offers both repair and replacement services so we have a firm understanding of when one option is more beneficial than the other. To know which way you should lean, we’ll discuss several problems with both windows and doors on your home and the best way to handle each…


When fog is present inside of the glass.

If there is no rot on the sash that holds the glass, replacing only the glass is a smart option. If any area on the window is starting to show rot, do not waste your money on just a glass replacement. Go right for the full window replacement.

When air leakage is occurring around the window.

If your window has weatherstripping, inspect the stripping for deterioration, tears, and shrinkage. Most of the time you can repair the issue by re-weatherstripping, which will help seal your window.

If the window does not have any existing weatherstripping, common among older homes, a full window replacement will be more worth your while.

When a window is hard to operate.

Whether it is a crank out window that will not fully close or a double hung window that takes two people to lift it to open, your best move is to have a professional come out to see if any adjustments can be made.

Older windows will shift or warp over time. Not much can be done to make them operate with ease again. A repair could potentially compromise how well that window seals, so your money is better spent on a replacement.


When the doorknob or deadbolt is not properly working.

A replacement of the hardware is the most popular option. You can pick out a fresh look that also restores functionality and modernizes the opening.

When air leaks through the door.

You do not need to replace the door, but the weatherstrip should be replaced to keep the winter weather out. ODW stocks many styles and types of weatherstripping to solve this issue.

When the door is hard to open and close.

Doors, as with windows, will start to shift and warp over time. Once this happens, your door will not straighten out and anything you do to make it easier to open/shut will normally cause a gap for air leakage. Replacement of the door is your best option.

When wood rot is on the door frame.

If the frame is starting to rot, attempting to splice into the frame will compromise its overall integrity as well as lead to future problems with settling and door operation. A full door replacement is the best move.

If you have any questions about which way to proceed with this classic repair vs replacement decision, please call our knowledgeable staff. We will set a time to stop out and examine your specific situation.

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