Vinyl windows have gained popularity for many reasons. Whether it’s the affordability, high level of energy efficiency, or low maintenance requirements, vinyl windows have become a favorable choice among many homeowners.

There are 2 types of installation methods for vinyl windows:  pocket install and complete frame replacement.  Here at Omaha Door & Window, we’re well-versed in both types of installations.  We’ll be able to help you determine which method is recommended for your home by weighing the pros and cons and factoring in your needs and circumstances and the condition of each window opening.

Pocket Installs
In this type of installation, we remove the wood that holds the glass (or “sash”) but leave the frame in place.  A new window is custom-built to fit inside your existing window frame and is screwed into place, foam insulated, and caulked.  Your existing exterior molding and interior trim are reused.


  • Lower installation cost compared to a complete frame replacement
  • No need to replace and re-paint or re-staining the inside and outside trim


  • Window will be slightly smaller
  • Not as universally available as an installation method in bedrooms due to egress laws

Frame Replacement
With this method, the window’s sashes, frame, casing, and exterior molding are all removed, and a new window is custom-built to fit into the stud opening.  The window is securely screwed into place, foam insulated, and caulked.  New exterior molding and interior trim are then installed.


  • Maximizes the size of your window
  • New inside and outside trim are installed which provides your home with a noticeable, updated and fresh look. (This is especially important if the wood opening is starting to rot).


  • More expensive compared to pocket installs
  • The new exterior and interior trim will need to be painted or stained. However, some window factories offer pre-finished interior trim so homeowners won’t have to finish the trim after installation.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will explain your installation options to help you decide which method best meets your unique preferences and budget.  Give us a call for a free in-home estimate on either or both methods of install for vinyl windows.  We offer professional window installations by licensed and insured experts.

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