There are plenty of ways to customize the exterior of your home. From fresh paint and siding, to doors, decorative hardware, and windows, you’re able to pick and choose the styles that meet your specific needs to achieve a home that matches the look of your dreams. With so many options, it can often be tricky to figure out where to start. We’re here to shine a light on one great way to make your home stand out – window grids (also known as grilles)!

Grids (grilles) may seem simple and straightforward, but in reality, the way they are styled can have a huge impact on not only the appearance of your windows, but the overall appearance of your home as well. Keep reading for a breakdown of four important factors to consider when selecting decorative grids for your home’s windows: the type, style, pattern, and color.

Types of Grids
The type of grid refers to how the grid is built into the window. Here’s some background on two different types:

  1. Simulated Divided Lite (SDL): SDL grids are adhered to the exterior surface on the inside and outside of the glass. This gives a very true look of the old-school traditional grid pattern that we know and love, but with newer state-of-the-art materials.
  2. Grid Between Glass (GBG): The most popular option, this type features grids that are located in between the panes of glass. Internal Grids allow for the appearance of traditional grids but are conveniently tucked behind the window’s flat surface glass. Not only does this offer added protection from damage, but it means you won’t have to clean each individual grid corner like you would if the grid was on the exterior surface of the glass.

Style of Grids

  1. Flat Grid: The most common and affordable style of grid is one with a flat surface.
  2. Contoured Grid: Contoured grids have a raised panel surface giving a two-dimensional appearance that adds an extra bit of interest to the grid itself.
  3. Pencil Grid: This style of grid gets its name from the size of the grid itself, which is comparable to the circumference of a pencil. This gives a slightly more unique look than the other styles of grids.

Grid Patterns
How do you want the grid to be laid out on the glass? When determining the ideal pattern for your window grids, there are tons of styles and variations to choose from, but here are the three primary options:

1. Cottage patterns provide a traditional look consisting of standard square and rectangular sections of similar shape and size that spread across the window.
2. Prairie styles include grid patterns around the perimeter of the glass, providing a slightly more modern look.
3. Diamond patterns are true to their name, featuring grid patterns that resemble diamond-like shapes.

Color of the Grids
Don’t ever feel limited when it comes to the color of your window grids. There are lots of different approaches you can take and options to choose from. Most people will match the color of the grid with the color of the frame on either side of the interior and exterior wall. But if you’d prefer, you can switch things up by opting for mismatching colors!

Customizing the grids of your windows can really add something special to the exterior of your home. Contact us for more information on what you can do to set your house apart from the other homes in the neighborhood!