A lot has changed over the years in the world of technology, and garage door openers are no exception. In years past, the only thing you really needed to look for in a garage door opener was whether or not it could get the job done. Nowadays, there are all kinds of options and accessories that suit different needs, leaving you with much more to consider.

To give you a better idea of the potential that modern garage door openers have, we’re going to walk through a couple of the accessories that are now available.

In terms of accessories that open the door to countless possibilities, there’s no better place to start than LiftMaster MyQ Technology. MyQ Technology allows a new garage door opener to be WiFi-enabled. Once your opener is connected to the internet with MyQ Technology, it becomes equipped with various capabilities, including:

  • You can use your phone or computer to remotely operate your garage door with ease.
  • Light switch options become more varied, as you can turn the garage lights on and off remotely using your phone or from a garage door remote in your car.
  • You’ll be able to connect your door to a garage door monitor. This can sit wherever you’d like in your house, allowing you to easily check if the door is open or closed.
  • Amazon Prime deliveries can be received directly inside of your garage (thanks to an exclusive partnership between Amazon and LiftMaster).
  • If you’d like, you can add Home Bridge to your MyQ system for access to even more features, like Siri voice control, so all you have to do is say, “Hey, Siri! Open my garage door.”

So, what if you don’t have a new opener, but you’d still like to enjoy some new features? That’s where SmartHub comes to the rescue:

  • The addition of SmartHub will convert older openers to include new features.
  • By upgrading your current opener, you’ll have access to the features you’re looking for without the hassle and costs of having to buy a completely new opener with newer technology.
  • Plus, SmartHub works for a variety of different models and brands – you don’t have to have a LiftMaster opener to use it!

Be warned that some older cars may not be able to sync up with all of these new features. Older vehicles may have a built-in transmitter button that won’t work with newer door opener models. In this case, you can grab a Homelink Repeater Kit, which will allow for compatibility between the transmitter buttons in an older car and the newer technology of door opener accessories like MyQ.

Here are a few other accessories worth noting:

  • Keyless Entry has been around for a while, so it’s likely you’re already familiar with it. This popular feature often comes in the form of a 4-digit code that you’re able to input into a dial on the side of your garage door for keyless access.
  • Battery Backups will keep your garage doors working, even if the power is out.
  • Emergency Release Features allow the garage door to be opened and closed at all time in the event of an emergency or if there’s no other point of entry in the garage.

You likely use your garage doors every day, so you may as well get the most out of the experience. Contact us for more information about garage door opener technology and how we can help make it work for you!