Taking a proactive approach to maintaining your garage door system saves you money in the long run, ensures the highest degree of safety during operation, and avoids inconvenient problems from occurring.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial facilities must operate like clockwork. Between deadlines and the continuous movement of personnel and goods to and from a facility, a business’ workflow cannot afford to be interrupted.

The Role of Your Commercial Doors

A facility’s door is an integral part of maintaining this smooth workflow. The moment a door becomes difficult to operate or breaks down altogether is the moment the efficiency of your entire operation drops. Simultaneously, the risk of workplace injury or damage to expensive equipment goes up.

The solution to avoiding a detrimental outcome is to stay vigilant and on top of preventative maintenance for all commercial doors throughout your facility. Having a maintenance plan in place is a popular way for commercial facilities to stay on top of this.

For example, look at the foundation of ODW’s Commercial Door Maintenance Plan:

  • Tailored plan based on the company’s specific needs
  • One or two inspections per year (depending on your type of facility and plan you chose)
  • Free estimates on any problem found during an inspection
  • No obligation to get any work done after an estimate
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services

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The goal of an effective maintenance plan is to prevent minor problems from developing into more costly ones. You want a company to lay out their finding, communicate your next step options, and leave the rest up to you without added pressure.

Residential Garage Doors

For residential garage doors, the route you must take to keep your garage door operating well isn’t as complicated.

The process at ODW is as simple as scheduling your service, we look for problems and adjust your door as needed. Free estimates are offered when more complicated problems are located such as a frayed cable or broken spring.

For the DIYers

If you wish to perform your own inspections, here is what you need to do:

  1. Disconnect the door from the motor by pulling the cord.
  2. Run door by hand and listen for odd or alarming noises.
  3. Check the balance of springs. Is the door heavy when you manually run it? Is it running smoothly?
  4. Visually examine the door track(s). Look for bends or cable fraying.
  5. Lubricate rollers and hinges (if present, the motor chain as well).

NOT for the DIYer

Professionals will always recommend an experienced garage door technician to work on torsion springs (located above the door) due to the high safety risks broken springs pose.

Omaha’s Reliable Door and Window Company

Omaha Door and Window is one of the oldest door and window companies in Omaha, with 94 employees and 60+ vehicle fleet.

Our expertise in servicing, repairing, and installing garage doors is more than basic residential and commercial doors. We work on various commercial equipment including motor operators, gates, safety equipment, loading dock equipment, and even airport hangar doors.

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