Your home is probably the most expensive investment you will make in your life. As the years go by, you will of course want to make various renovations and updates to your home.

We say “home” instead of “house” because a home is a valued place for you and your family.  You want and need a remodeler who respects your home and does professional work to bring your vision to life.


Key Criteria to Include When Evaluating


There is nothing wrong with a new remodeling company. Businesses come and go all the time in home service industries like Garage Doors, Windows, and Siding. However, a company that has only been open for one year hasn’t yet built up a track record showing who they are and what level of craftmanship they can produce.

Only time tells if a business is capable of completing work to the customers’ satisfaction.

Online Reviews

Homeowners have an array of sites at their disposal to read reviews… Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s, and the Better Business Bureau just to name a few.

Proper research requires a minimum of 20 reviews to get a feel for how the company conducts its business. Common reviews to take note of when looking at a company for a remodel job are how they treated the home they worked within, did the team show up when they said they would, did they do the contracted work as specified, and did they complete the remodel in the proposed time frame.


It takes one fall off a ladder for an insurance company to get involved. Some companies do not fully cover their employees for on-the-job accidents. In this situation, homeowners’ insurance could be the next responsible party to cover an injury occurring on your property.


Using ODW as an example, we have all the building licenses required by a remodeler in the metro area and states of Nebraska and Iowa where we work.  To obtain specific licensing, ODW had to undergo a contractor test to prove we know what we are doing when remodeling and installing all the products we sell for a home.

Licensing is required by state law for a company to offer its services as a contractor or remodeler. If you encounter a company that is not fully licensed, they are already showing you that they cannot be bothered to follow the rules and possibly don’t know the building codes. Who’s to say they don’t take shortcuts with your home?

Product Quality

Contractors use some of the same tools every day and they know that buying better quality tools makes jobs easier and creates better-finished products.  It is no different with the windows and doors you buy for your home.  They are used every day to insulate your home, allow for ventilation, and provide security for your family.  You cannot expect to buy the cheapest windows or doors on the market and expect them to perform with quality results.

A quality product is essential because renovations you make in your home come with the expectation that they are constantly in use in your day-to-day life.


Remodeling Your Home in Omaha, NE

Turning the discussion to our Omaha community, Omaha Door & Window has been around since 1959 and accumulated over 600+ reviews on Google averaging a 4.7 Star rating. We are big advocates of being fully licensed and insured for the safety and well-being of our team and the customers we serve. After years in the industry, we stand by the products we use and sell.

ODW understands the difference between maintaining a house and taking care of your home.