Your garage door serves as an important entryway to your home, keeping your house and family safe. With that in mind, it’s vital to know when your garage door isn’t operating at its best and is in need of maintenance or repairs. One of the first signs you often encounter when there is an issue with your garage door is noise.

garage door making clicking noise when closing

If you hear noises, the first thing you’ll want to do is isolate the noise to determine whether it’s coming from your garage door itself or its motor. To accomplish this, simply disconnect the motor and open and close your door manually to see if you can still hear the noise. If the noise disappears, the motor is the culprit.

From there, you may be able to track down the issue based on the specific sounds you’re hearing.

Most common noises associated with your garage door and what they mean:

  • Squeaking: If you’re hearing squeaking noises from your garage door, it typically means that the hinges or rollers need to be lubricated. This is something that your garage door requires on a regular basis and should be a pretty easy fix.
  • Clicking: Clicking noises by your garage door or opener are often caused by issues with the garage door track being misaligned and in need of adjustment. It can be hard to visually examine and readjust on your own, so it’s best to consult a garage door professional in this situation.
  • Grinding: Grinding noises can be a bit more complicated than squeaking or clicking because they can indicate an issue with the door itself, or a more serious issue with the motor. It could be that the track is too close to the door, causing a grinding noise when the door is in operation. If this is the case, an adjustment can resolve the issue. Other times, this noise could mean that the gears within the motor are wearing out. Replacing the gears can be a costly repair, so in this scenario, it may be worth considering replacing the entire motor instead.
  • Rattling or Vibrating: Rattling or vibration noises are commonly caused by the cover of your motor coming loose. If simply tightening the cover does not fix the problem, a professional will need to investigate further.
  • Banging: If you hear a banging noise as your garage door opens or closes, it may be a result of the motor limits needing to be adjusted to better control the limits of operation.
  • Rumbling: Rumbling is commonly related to torsion springs, which like hinges and rollers, require regular lubrication to operate smoothly. It’s typically easy to identify this problem as the rumbling noise is usually heard constantly throughout the door’s cycle.
  • Grunting or Thumping: While the noise can be tough to explain, a grunt or thump-like sound as your garage door stops abruptly can be a sign of a broken spring. This is a very common issue that a garage door expert can handle with ease.
  • Crashing: On a busy day, we may forget to open our garage door entirely before trying to enter or exit our garage. Trust us when we say it happens more often than you think! If you find yourself in this predicament, our team of garage door professionals is here to help.

Omaha Door & Window is here to help with your garage door repair needs

Most noises you encounter with your garage can be handled with simple adjustments and maintenance, though more significant issues may require repairs or replacements. If your garage door is making noises and you are unsure how to determine or resolve the issue, visit our website to learn more or contact us today to speak with a member of our professional garage door team.