When it comes to managing your garage door, safety is always key, but it is especially important during a garage door emergency. Regular garage door maintenance will help to prevent an emergency, but unfortunately, problems can still occur, so it’s essential to understand how to deal with an emergency if and when it arises.

  • Keep Children and Pets Away: A garage door in crisis is unpredictable and unsafe. Make sure that children and pets are kept a safe distance away from the garage door. If this is normally a main entry and exit point to your home, explain to your family that an alternate route has to be used until the door can be fixed.
  • Be Careful in Winter Conditions: Often times, your driveway can ice over and become slippery during this time of year. We receive many calls from homeowners who while pulling into their driveways, drive straight into their garage doors because the slippery ground caused them to be unable to stop in time. If this happens to your garage door, call a professional immediately to prevent further damage to your vehicle, garage, and the garage door itself.
  • Unplug the Motor: It’s always best to leave the repairs to a trained professional. If it’s obvious that your garage door is not going to work or isn’t working properly, it may be a good idea for you to unplug the motor. This way, you won’t have to worry about someone inadvertently hitting the button or activating an open/close mechanism, which depending on your situation, could cause additional damage or concern.
  • Leave It to the Pros: If you find yourself in need of immediate garage door service, we strongly encourage you to contact a garage door expert in order to keep your family and property safe. Messing with your garage door can be incredibly dangerous if you aren’t properly trained and do not have the correct equipment.

While the winter season can be a busy time for garage door professionals, Omaha Door & Window is proud to offer 24 hour emergency services for when these kinds of situations arise.

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