Many of our customers ask us why their double pane windows have gas in between the glass panes. The simple and most common reason is that the gas acts as insulation for the window. In this blog post, we’re expanding on that answer and explaining the science behind why this gas is so important.

When it comes to maintaining temperatures within your home, it’s important to consider all of the different entry and exit points where outdoor temperatures can make their way indoors and vice versa, and what can be done to help control for this. Oftentimes, insulation is the answer, and your windows are no exception. When gas is used in between the glass panes in windows, it provides an extra layer of insulation to help control the transfer of temperatures through the glass.

Many people assume that all of the gas used between glass window panes is the same, but that’s not true. Gas has a density level, and different types of gas have different density levels. The denser the gas is, the harder it will be for the heat or cold to transfer through it.

gas between window panes

Here at Omaha Door & Window, the two primary gases that we use for the space in between window panes are Argon and Krypton.


Argon is a non-toxic, dense type of gas that’s very commonly used in between the glass in windows. When you picture air passing through a layer of Argon gas, think of it as if you are swimming through a pool filled with syrup instead of water. You will eventually get to the other side, but it will take much longer, and the same will be true of the temperatures trying to transfer through the Argon gas. Ultimately, the Argon gas within a double pane window unit will help slow and decrease the transfer of temperatures, which therefore increases your window’s energy efficiency.

Slightly denser than Argon, Krypton is another great option for filling the space between window panes. Because it’s denser, it gives you even more energy efficiency than you would have with Argon. Higher energy efficiency means lower energy bills and greater comfort levels throughout all seasons.

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