gutters draining close to the foundationSpring is now in full force, which means rain showers will soon start hitting homes across the Midwest. Many people see this as a blessing as the much-needed rain brings life back into our yards and helps us jumpstart our flower beds.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses when it comes to rain in the spring and summer. If your gutters aren’t in good shape, an otherwise small rainstorm can prove to be troublesome.

Take a look below to read our take on common gutter drainage problems, as well as their simplest solutions.

Leaves: the main culprit  

Over the course of winter, leaves make their way onto our roofs and slowly work their way down into the gutters, clogging them and causing water to build up.

If there is a hole or gap in the flashing on your roof, the water can end up working its way into your overhang, which in turn can end up rotting the wood. On top of that, water overflow can also end up damaging landscaping, cause water to leak into your foundation or basement, and even rip your gutters away from your home if it freezes during the winter.

Overflowing gutters are fairly easy to spot: during a rainstorm, you’ll see water flowing over the tops of your gutters. You may also see dirt or other residue on the sides of your gutters after a storm—a sign that dirty water went over the gutters, which it obviously shouldn’t have done.

Gutter covers, like our LEAFPROOF Advanced Gutter Protection System, can help keep leaves out of your gutters. Some homeowners replace their smaller, 2×3” downspouts with larger, commercial-grade 3×4” downspouts as a way to increase flow.

Other problems you might see:

Downspouts dumping water too close to the house. As we mentioned above, this can lead to some serious basement flooding and foundation issues. Your best bet to fixing this is by extending the downspouts so that they go further away from your home.

Water staying in your yard or getting into your basement. An improperly graded slope can also cause this but can be easily fixed by adding more dirt to the grade. When in doubt, consult a contractor or other professional. Water in your foundation can lead to serious problems, so you want to be sure your fix is done properly.

Water backing up, or ice dams in the winter. Ice builds up in gutters during the winter and will begin to find its way into your roof once it begins to melt. To combat this, try installing the LEAFPROOF Advanced Gutter Protection System. You’ll also want to make sure (before the weather turns bad) that your downspouts aren’t clogged and that your gutters are free of obstructions.

Gutters pulling way from the house. If too much debris builds up and causes backups (or if you see ice forming in your gutters during the winter), your gutters may slowly pull away from your house. In most cases, new hardware will solve this problem. If your gutters are pulling away because you have rotting wood, you may have a more serious problem on your hands and should contact a professional.

Leaks and holes. Depending on the size of the leak/hole, your fix can be as easy as patching it up. If the leak is more extensive, you may need to replace a section of the gutter, which Omaha Door & Window can do. We use a seamless gutter system with many colors to choose from.

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photo credit: IMG_4892.jpg via photopin (license)