Midwestern weather can be harsh, but Omaha Door & Window offers a large selection of top-of-the-line windows designed to withstand our climate. When selecting windows for your home, you’ll want to consider more than just functionality. You should also choose windows that improve the overall aesthetic of your home and enhance its style. Bow, bay, and garden windows are 3 beautiful window style options that can help achieve this. Many of our clients ask us what the difference is between these 3 types of windows, so in this blog post, we’re sharing some general information about each type, along with the advantages of each.

Bow windows
usually include 4-5 separate windows that create a rounded appearance. They’re typically used to enhance the exterior of a home, and are most commonly featured in living rooms.

Bay windows have 3 sides, where 2 of the sides go out at a 45-degree angle and the front of the window extends straight across. Like bow windows, these are most often used in living rooms, although they are also a great option for bedrooms.

Garden windows are also 3-sided, much like bay windows. Their main differentiator is that they’re usually featured in kitchens and are often installed to be level with your countertop.

5 Reasons to Put These Windows on Your Home

1) Create a focal point. All 3 types of windows will project from the outside of your home, which allows the window to become a focal point from both the outside and inside of the room. Showcasing an element of your home is an important design technique, similar to the effect of statement artwork or a fireplace, this is a huge reason why selecting an eye-catching window style is a great option.

2) Make small spaces feel larger. Adding a bow, bay, or garden window will make your room appear larger. This is because the window will extend out past your wall, which draws the eye outward and helps make the entire room seem expanded.

3) Increase curb appeal. Taking a flat wall and adding something eye-catching to it adds to the overall beauty of the home. This can significantly help with resale value down the line.

4) Bring in natural light. Because they are multi-dimensional and often larger than a typical flat window, bow, bay, and garden windows can help bring more natural light into your home. Increased amounts of natural light can improve your overall mood and may even help you save on electricity usage.

5) Add decoration-friendly space. All 3 types of windows offer an additional area to add decorative elements. Accessorize the space within bow and bay windows with a storage bench or comfortable seating area. Likewise, garden windows create the perfect shelf for small potted plants and kitchen décor.

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