Windows not only affect the look of your home, but they can also help or inhibit your home’s energy efficiency. While double pane windows have been popular for many years, many homeowners are now upgrading to triple pane windows. Triple pane windows help to make your home more energy efficient, which will in turn save you money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

The structural differences between a double pane and triple pane window make all the difference when it comes to savings. A double pane window offers one area of dead air space between the panes. Adding a third pane adds a second area of dead air space, creating more insulation and better control of the air and temperature inside of your home. These dead air spaces can be filled with safe, colorless Argon or Krypton gas to further increase the energy efficiency of the windows. In fact, the building codes for the city of Omaha require that these dead air spaces are filled with Argon gas to meet minimum energy efficiency ratings.

Another major difference between double pane and triple pane windows is their use of low-E, or low-emissive, glass. The emissivity of the surface of a material is its effectiveness in emitting energy as thermal radiation, meaning that low-emissive glass is able to bounce heat back to where it came from.

Double pane windows contain one pane with low-emissive glass, while triple pane windows contain two panes. During the summer months, heat continuously tries to enter your home, and during the winter, heat continuously tries to leave. The low-emissive glass found in triple pane windows can bounce 67% of heat back in or out of your home. Not only does this help to keep your home more comfortable in the hot and cold weather, but it also helps to reduce energy costs.

In addition to these energy-saving factors, the extra pane provided by triple pane windows can also help to reduce noise transfer. If you live on a busy street, triple pane windows can make a big difference towards making your home quieter. Low-E coatings on glass also help to filter UV rays, which protect curtains and furnishings from fading.

Triple pane windows are up to 30% more energy efficient than double pane windows. For more information on triple pane windows, contact our team of professionals today by calling 402-733-6440 or click here to learn more.