child-by-windowWindows are among the many items in your home to childproof when you have a young child in the home, but luckily, there are many widely-available methods for childproofing windows. The ones we’ve listed here are the most popular and should go a long ways towards ensuring that your children stay safe.

  1. Window guards: Although you probably know that window guards help keep people out, there are also purpose-built childproof window guards for keeping children in. Window guards are most often a set of removable metal bars that prevent anyone from falling out, and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.
  2. Window locks: Window locks are an easy way to keep your children from opening windows around the house. Although the locks that come on your windows should be sufficient, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, many manufacturers also offer childproof window locks. Such locks can be purchased separately, as well as locally.
  3. Charley bars: For sliding windows, or even for normal windows, charley bars are another method for securing windows closed. Charley bars are often adjustable and hold windows closed. These can be useful for sliding doors, too.
  4. Blind cord wraps: The windows themselves aren’t the only thing you need to look out for—blinds can pose a risk to children, as well. The most dangerous part of blinds is the blind cord. To mitigate this risk, purchase a blind cord wrap, which holds the blind cords up and out of children’s reach.
  5. Window screens: We include this on our list not as a way to childproof your windows, but as something to be aware of: window screens alone will not keep your children safe from falling out of windows. If all you have are window screens, consider some of the childproofing options above if you want truly childproof windows.

All of theses safety methods are separate measures you can take, but the windows we sell at Omaha Door & Window already have a safety feature built in. It’s called a vent latch, and it is built into the sash of the windows. When deployed, the vent latch will limit the bottom sash from fully raising. You will still have access to ventilation with added safety for small children.

Looking for more advice on childproofing your windows, or want to learn more about the safety features of the windows we sell here at Omaha Door & Window? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We have over 50 years of experience in the window industry and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

photo credit: maskingtaped via photopin cc