LiftMaster 3255 Chain Drive

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  • 1/2 HP motor with Rugged full-chain and one-piece solid T-rail for lasting performance.
  • 4-Year limited warranty on motor.
  • 1-Year limited warranty on all parts and radio controls.
  • Security + Remote Control- Rolling code technology that prevents unauthorized entry by changing the radio code each time the door is used.
  • Multi-Function Control Panel enables you to turn lights on and off from inside the garage.
  • 1-button transmitter.

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Liftmaster 377LM Keyless

Keyless Wireless Entry Pad #377LM

Liftmaster 890MAX Transmitter

3 Button Max Mini Transmitter #890MAX

Liftmaster 371LM-1Transmitter

1 Button Transmitter #371LM-1

Liftmaster 373LM-3 Transmitter

3 Button Transmitter #373LM-3

3 Button Max Transmitter

3 Button Max Transmitter #893MAX

Liftmaster 895MAX Transmitter

3 Button Max Lighted Transmitter #895MAX

Liftmaster 888LM Smart Control Panel

Smart Control Panel #888LM

Liftmaster 975LM Laser Garage Parking Assistant

Laser Parking Assist #975LM

Liftmaster 990LM Surge Protector

Surge Protector #990LM

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