If you’ve noticed glass at your home that appears foggy, you’re far from alone. Most homeowners will witness a milky white coating between double pane glass at some point in time, but why does this happen? Well, double pane windows are factory sealed to not allow anything in or out of the dead space area between the glass. Over time, especially in the Midwest, glass will expand and contract with the changing seasons.

The material that seals the two panes together can eventually fail allowing outside air into the unit. This outside air holds moisture that deposits onto the glass. As time goes on, the crack in the seal grows and more air is allowed into that space making the problem worse. The cloudy coating is simply an after-effect of water, just like the calcium buildup after water dries on your shower door. More water means more calcium buildup, and the longer you wait, the “foggier” the glass pane will get.

How Does Foggy Glass Affect Me & My Home?

Typically, sealed double pane glass provides reliable insulation from Mother Nature year-round, particularly during the drastic temperature shifts of the summer and winter months. However, once the seal is broken, the window allows temperatures to travel through the glass much quicker which will reduce the window’s energy efficiency, increase your energy costs, and affect your indoor comfort in the process.

Foggy glass is no homeowner’s best friend. It creates an unsightly appearance that can impact the curb appeal of your home in a detrimental way—and the effect on your wallet isn’t much better once the window has lost its energy efficiency.

How ODW Can Help

If you have a foggy glass issue with the windows at your home, you don’t need to settle for staring out of those cloudy panes any longer. Omaha Door & Window

offers both glass replacement and window replacement with glass that measurably improves thermal performance for less heat loss, warmer glass temperatures, and reduced interior condensation.

ODW sells glass and new windows with foam spacers (instead of aluminum spacers) to seal glass panes and help prevent unsightly fogging from occurring in the first place.  This energy-efficient spacer technology is better at handling the expansion and contraction cycle that the changing Midwest seasons cause, meaning a reduced chance for air infiltration between panes that would cause cloudy coatings to form.

Benefits of New Glass From ODW

ODW specializes in replacing glass in windows, doors, and patio doors.  We also sell new energy-efficient windows, doors, and patio doors. The high-performance double and triple pane thermal glass we offer is designed with innovative features including:

  • Low-E (Low Emissivity) Coatings on glass reflects heat & solar energy to improve thermal performance and reduce indoor temperature shifts
  • Argon or Kypton gas filling between panes of glass increases energy efficiency

What’s more, you can choose from additional glass options like:

  • Tempered (Safety) Glass
  • Privacy Glass:  Obscure, Pebble, Gluechip, Chinchilla, Taffeta, Waterfall
  • Tinted Glass: Solargray®, Solarbronze®, Solexia® Green, Azuria® Blue
  • Grids-Internal Grids between the panes of glass or Simulated Divided Lites
    – Grid Profiles: Flat, Wide Flat, Contour, Wide Contour, Pencil, & V-Groove
    – Grid Patterns: Colonial, Cottage, Prairie, Diamond, & Florentine
  • Decorative Glass & Inspiration™ Art Glass from ProVia®
    – Many Designs to choose from or create customer color palettes & patterns
    – Glass Textures such as Beveled
    – Caming finishes such as Brass, Antique Black, Platinum, Wrought Iron, Nickel, & Black Chrome
    – Geometric Shapes: Rectangular, Half Circle, Oval, Elliptical, and many more

You can learn more about our window options on our website at omahadoor.com.

Whether you opt for a full window replacement or just a glass replacement to fix your foggy glass issues, ODW has the right products for your exact wants and needs.

Warranty Protection to Seal the Deal

ODW is so confident in the moisture resistance of the window products we install that they come with a factory lifetime warranty against seal failure. So, while moisture between panes is a common occurrence that can happen to virtually any homeowner with older windows in place, it doesn’t have to pain you any longer.

Contact ODW to seal the deal with new windows or glass replacements that won’t fall victim to fogginess any time soon. Give us a call or go to our website to request a free estimate for full window replacements or the price to replace the glass in your existing windows.