Casement Window with Colonial Grids

Omaha Door & Window Company is the oldest and largest replacement door & replacement window company in the metro area. Trusted in Omaha for over 55 years, consumers depend on ODW for quality products at competitive prices. ODW buys directly from a wide variety of top manufacturers at the lowest prices and passes the savings on to you. Our knowledgeable sales staff will provide a free in-home consultation and estimate. Our insured experts will professionally install your new custom-fit windows and doors as well as remove and haul away your old units. You can count on us to be here after the sale to stand behind our workmanship. Our products come with excellent manufacturer warranties backed by ODW’s two-year installation & service warranty. We have just the right windows to fit your home, your style, and your budget!

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Whether you are replacing the windows in your home or constructing a new home, Omaha Door & Window Company offers a diverse product line from vinyl to wood.


Soft-Lite Double Hung Windows

You Could Save up to 40% on Your Fuel Consumption!
Soft-Lite Imperial LS Vinyl Windows maximize your investment by eliminating uncomfortable temperature swings and drafts, reducing utility costs, and enhancing the beauty and resale value of your home. Let Omaha Door & Window Company help you save up to 40% on your heating and cooling bills by replacing all the windows in your home with Soft-Lite’s high performance vinyl windows!


For maximum energy performance, Soft-Lite Windows are made with

Triple Pane Glass, Two Reflective Coatings of Low-E

Insulating Glass, and two air spaces filled with Krypton Gas.

Corner Cut of Triple Glazed Glass

Soft-Lite windows are also manufactured with the warm edge

Metal Free Super Spacer renowned for superior thermal efficiency. With a tested and proven R-Value rating of 10.0 and a NFRC U-Factor rating of 0.17, you can save up to 40% on your energy bills annually with new Soft-Lite windows!

Colors and Finishes


Vinyl Colors

Soft-Lite Interior or Exterior Colors

The solid color runs deep from the interior to the exterior of your home.

Interior Woodgrain Colors

Soft-Lite Interior Woodgrain Colors

The beauty of real wood without the hassle of wood staining, varnishing or other maintenance natural wood requires. Includes a Lifetime Warranty against de-lamination.

Exterior Foil Laminates

Soft-Lite Interior Foil Laminate Colors


Lifetime Warranty against de-lamination and a Ten-Year Warranty against ultraviolet discoloration.

Standard Exterior Vinyl Colors

Sure-Coat is a high performance coating system design for direct application to PVC for long-term color retention. Sure-Coat is environmentally friendly and carries a Ten-Year Warranty.
Soft-Lite Exterior PVC Colors

Custom Exterior Colors

Custom Colors Option with computerized color spectrum matching expands your exterior color choices.
Custom Colors
How to Measure & Compare a Window’s Performance

How do you compare windows from different manufacturers?

How do you measure a window’s performance?

Don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it. Look for third-party independent certification. Use AAMA, NFRC, and Energy Star certifications.


AAMA Gold Label Certification requires both AAMA and NFRC certification and requires the manufacturer to be subject to surprise inspections..

AAMA Gold Label Certification

All Soft-Lite windows have the independent AAMA Gold Label Certification


The American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) tests the structural design performance of windows for air leakage, water penetration, and wind load design pressure.
    • Test for Air Leakage. The minimum standard is .30 cubic ft. per minute (cfm) of air infiltration. The lower the number, the less drafts and air infiltration into your home. Typical vinyl windows are in the .18 cfm range. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS has a rating of .02 cfm at 25mph –

15 TIMES BETTER than the AAMA minimum standard! Windows with high air leakage will waste more energy and cost you money.

Soft-Lite's Low Air Leakage Rating

  • Uniform Load Design Pressure Structural Test. Increasing wind is blown against the window until it breaks. The AAMA minimum standard is 94 mph winds before the window breaks. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS withstands 195 mph winds – MORE THAN DOUBLE the AAMA minimum standard!

Test for Water Leakage. The window is subjected to 8” of rain per hour and increasing wind loads until water leaks through the window. The minimum standard is 33mph windload. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS can withstand 56mph – 79% BETTERthan the AAMA minimum standard!


Soft-Lite Air, Water, and Structural Load Ratings


National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit organization that has established a voluntary national energy performance rating and labeling system for fenestration products.The NFRC label on a window will show the energy performance rating of the entire window – glass, frames, and all parts. (It’s not just a center of the glass R-Value measurement.) Insist on seeing the NFRC Label for every window you compare.NFRC tests and measures windows for:

  • U-Value
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Visible Light Transmittance
  • Condensation Resistance
U-Factor or U-Value
  • U-Factor measures how thecomplete window (glass & frame) prevents heat from escaping.
  • The lower the U-Factor number, the more energy efficient.
  • Ratings generally fall between .2 and 1.20.
  • Soft-Lite Imperial LSU-Factor = 0.17.

  • Soft-Lite has one of the best U-Value ratings in the window business!

National Fenestration Rating Council

The NFRC certifies the overall thermal performance of the window.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight.

  • The lower the SHGC number, the less solar heat is transmitted through the window. The range generally falls from 0 to 1.0.
  • Soft-Lite Imperial LS SHGC rating = 0.24.
  • A rating of 0.24 means that the window blocks76% of solar heat.

Soft-Lite's NFRC Performance Rating Label

Visible Transmittance
  • Visible Transmittance (VT) measures how much light comes through a window.
  • The higher the VT, the more visible light is transmitted through the window. The range generally falls between 0 and 1.0.
  • Soft-Lite Imperial LS VT Rating = 0.40.
Condensation Resistance
  • Condensation Resistance (CR) measures the ability of a product to resist the formation of condensation on the interior surface of that product.
  • The higher the CR rating, the better that product is at resisting condensation formation. The range is between 0 and 100.
  • Soft-Lite Imperial
  • CR rating = 72.

Energy Star Label

  • All Soft-Lite windows are ENERGY STAR qualified for all regions of the U.S.
  • However, our competitors say the Energy Star Label is the only thing you need to look for in a good window.  In fact, the Energy Star Label does NOT give a U-Factor number to compare a window’s efficiency.
  • The only way to compare a window’s energy efficiency is with the NFRC Label.

Energy Star



High Performance and Energy Efficient Glass

Ultimate™ Triple-Pane with Super Spacer®

  • 1” Triple Pane glass with two panes of Low-E coating
  • Krypton Gas in both chambers improves thermal performance.
  • Sealed with Super Spacer® warm edge technology (metal-free spacer) to reduce condensation.
  • Warranted for a Lifetime against seal failure.
  • Reduces outside noise and fabric fading.
  • Keeps room comfortable all year round.
  • The Imperial LS Double Hung window with Ultimate Triple-Pane and Super Spacer® has a U-Factor of .17, one of the lowest U-Value ratings in the world!

Soft-Lite Double Hung Windows with Round Top

Window is Not Foggy because of Warm Edge Technology The edge of the insulating glass is the most vulnerable to heating and cooling loss, condensation, and frosting. Condensation is an unsightly problem that will eventually stain wood, peel paint, and rot frames. Condensation can also contribute to mold growth. In fact, visible mold can often be found in poorly insulated or installed windows. Mold is more and more being linked to child asthma plus increases in respiratory illness, allergies, and outbreaks of fungal diseases.


The primary window condensation culprit is its insulating glass spacer. As a homeowner, its’ just as important to know what type of window spacer material is being used between the panes of glass as it is to know what type of glass package is going into the window.


What is Warm Edge Technology?

Common spacers made with metal can conduct heat and cold – causing condensation at the edge of the glass. To overcome the thermal inefficiency of conventional aluminum window spacers, the window industry has developed a new spacer system called warm edge technology. If the spacer material conducts less heat or cold at the edge of the glass than a conventional aluminum spacer, it is described as a “warm-edge” product. However, most of the newer window spacers still contain some kind of metal that will act as a conductor of heat and cold. The world’s only TrueWarm® edge is Super Spacer® because it has NO METAL.

  • Super Spacer® Improves Condensation Resistance.
    This insulating foam spacer helps reduce condensation and allows for comfortable household humidity levels. Mold needs moisture to grow, so reducing condensation helps eliminate health problems associated with mold.
  • Super Spacer® reduces Sealant Stress. The thermoset silicone polymer material in Super Spacer® accommodates the natural expansion and contraction caused by hot & cold temperatures, UV exposure, wind loads, and barometric pressure. This ability to expand & contract and yet still return to its original shape prevents stress cracks that ultimately lead to seal failure.
  • Super Spacer® Improves Heat Flow Resistance. Super Spacer® resists heat flow at a rate of 950 TIMES MORE than that of aluminum. This means lower energy costs, less condensation and reduced chances for mold growth.
  • Super Spacer® Improves Glass Surface Temperature. With Super Spacer®, the surfacetemperature of the glass at the edge of the pane is typically 16.6 F° (9.23° C) warmerthan with a conventional aluminum spacer. Keeping the glass warm reduces condensation.
  • Super Spacer® Improves Sound Absorption. The closed-cell polymer foam in SuperSpacer® transmits very little sound compared to conventional aluminum spacers or less-metal warm edge spacers, blocking out noise and creating a quieter home environment.

Soft-Lite Triple Glazed Glass with Super Spacer

Foam-Filled Frames and Sash
  • Comfort Foam™ insulation is standard in the vinyl sash, frame and sill on the Soft-Lite Imperal LS window.
  • Comfort Foam™ R-5 expanding polyurethane foam insulates sash and frame extrusions improving overall thermal performance.
  • Comfort Foam™ insulation is CFC-free and environmentally friendly.
Comfort Foam
Durable Window Sill
  • Engineered true-sloped sill with a unique tall sill dam that extends into the main frame to eliminate common corner seals that frequently leak.

  • Tight Mechanical Interlockholds the sash in place when the window is under extreme wind-load stress.

  • Q-lon Compression Gasket System has a cushion-gasket beneath the sash which straddles the raised sill rail under compression when locked for impressive air barrier and water resistance.



Soft-Lite Sill with Comfort Foam Insulation

UltraSmart® Weatherstrip
UltraSmart® Gold SeriesTri-Fin™ Gaskets with Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial biocide protection in the yarn of the wool pile fights mold & mildew spores, pollen, dust mites, and other air-borne bacterial fungi. Most other windows have no biocide protection in the weatherstripping.
  • Three sturdy polyethylene fins provide additional barriers and diversions against air drafts and water infiltration. Most other windows only have one thin fin of weatherstripping.
  • The Soft-Lite Imperial LS Double Hung window has (5) pieces of UltraSmart® weatherstrip on the meeting rail interlock. Most other windows have one or two.

  • 600 Inches of UltraSmart® weatherstripping is used in an average-sized double hung window.

Ultra-SmartWeatherstrip with 3 fins prevent air drafts
K-Beam™ Thermal Reinforcement with Kevlar®
    • K-Beam is advanced composite non-metal sash rail reinforcement. Most manufacturers of vinyl windows today use aluminum or steel to reinforce their vinyl, which works like a thermal short circuit due to the poor thermal properties of the metal.

    • K-Beam is a unique resin-based glass-filled composite material with Kevlar fibers for additional strength. Kevlar made by DuPont® is used to make bullet-point vests.

    • K-Beam is 5 TIMES STRONGER THAN STEEL, 721 TIMES WARMER than aluminum, and unlike fiberglass, able to hold screws. It will not transfer heat or cold through the window as common metal reinforcements do with lesser design.

    • The meeting rails are reinforced with

K-Beam and also act as the Mechanical Structural Interlock, which fights intense wind pressure.

Chart shows K-Beam is the strongest


Soft-Lite Double Hung Rail are reinforced with kevlar

K-Beam is 5 times stronger than steel

Endura-Force™ Balance System
  • Endura-Force™ Balance system provides smooth, quiet, easy lifting and lowering of sashes.
  • Teflon® -coated ¾” Heavy-Duty stainless steel balance never needs lubrication or adjustment. Most other windows use a ½” balance.
  • Balance is installed in asound-deadening thermoplastic chamber for thermal improvement and cleanliness, which helps prevent air leakage.
  • No strings, pulleys, wire springs, or block and tackle system in a large metal housing that lowers thermal performance.
  • Safety feature holds sash in place so it won’t fall out of jamb.


Soft-Lite Double Hung Window Balance

Beautiful Beveled Exterior Frame

Soft-Lite Exterior Frame

  • Exterior features complex architectural design with thick 0.080 uPVC walls favored by many homeowners.
  • Interior thicker and stronger sash with cove-mold design for detailed wood-look.
  • Consistency with perfect welds and corner cleaning from factory’s new-generation completely robotic equipment.
  • Finest quality un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride will never rot or corrode like wood or metal.
Smooth-n-Easy™ Integral Lift Rails

Soft-Lite Double Hung Built-in lift rail

  • Smooth-n-Easy Integral Lift Rails feature comfortable nestling ergonomicdesign for the easiest-operating window available today.

  • Lift rails are built into sash rail and won’t fall off like snap-in lift rails of other windows.
Easy Glass Cleaning
  • Imperial LS Double Hung windows have recessed Tilt-Latch Hardware that is smooth and low profile, easy to clean and very easy to operate.

    Soft-Lite easy-to-clean Double Hung Window
  • Slide and Tilt Sliders allow you to clean your sliding window by tilting your slider sash in for safe, easy cleaning from inside your home.
Soft-Lite easy-to-clean Slider
Bows, Bays & Garden Windows

No other window style will change the look and feel of a room quite like a Bow, Bay, or Garden window, at a fraction of the cost of a major remodeling job. Soft-Lite Bows, Bays, and Garden windows are not only beautiful and maintenance-free, but among the strongest and most energy efficient window units available today.Soft-Lite Imperial LS Bow and Bay windows are structurally designed to prevent common problems experienced by other manufacturers (such as sagging units) and are packed with features that other manufacturers charge extra for or omit completely.

The features described below will ensure that your new Soft-Lite Bow, Bay, or Garden window is a stylish and stunning focal point of your home!

Soft-Lite Bay Window

Soft-Lite Bow Window

  • Each and every bow, bay, or garden window shell is made with a full 1 ¼” thick furniture grade Birch or Oak Hardwood Veneer interior which is 67% thicker and stronger. (Most others use ¾” plywood – Shop or B-Grade veneer plywood.)
  • Interior Factory Finish & Seal Options include Light Oak, Medium Oak, and Cherry.
  • Plastic Laminated Seat Board available in White or Beige.
  • DuPont® Corian™ Seat Inserts are impact and scratch resistant and are ideal for displaying plants and flowers. Corian™ Seats available in (6) Decorator Colors & Patterns.
Super-Seat with Headboard and Side Jambs
Bow and Bay Mulling and Structural Support Systems
  • Solid Steel Threaded Rods fastened through Head and Seat cannot sag like cable fastening and support systems will.
  • Countersunk Flanged Steel Weld Nuts secure head to seat to ensure permanent secure structure.
  • 800 pounds per support with 3/16” Blue Chrome Chain and Heavy Duty adjustable Turnbuckle for permanently tight hold. Other manufacturers use cable supporters that stretch overtime as it fights gravity allowing the heavy unit to sag and droop.
  • Soft-Lite™ Support System of Bows & Bays eliminates jobsite fabrication of braces.
  • Polyurethane Foam-Filled Mullions fight thermal transfer.
  • Permanent snap-in cover plates to match windows.

Soft-Lite Structural Support for Bow and Bay Windows

Garden-Vue Windows
  • Adjustable height shelves available in PVC-coated metal or Tempered Safety Glass.
  • Specially-built trapezoidal operating side casement windows with full screens that open wide to let you enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.
  • 30° Sheet Slope feature allows quick water run-off.
  • DuPont® Corian™ Seat Inserts are impervious to water and are available in (6) Decorator Colors & Patterns.

Soft-Lite Vue Window

Automated Factory
  • Soft-Lite was founded in 1934.
  • Over 200,000 square feet of modern factory design on more than 20 acres near Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Millions of dollars invested in state-of-the-art German-engineered robotic equipment has resulted in the manufacture of windows that feature industry-leading tolerances.
  • Computer-controlled automated equipment eliminates opportunities for workmanship errors and enables remarkable attention to detail and consistently accurate assembly – window after window after window.

Automated Factory

Lifetime Warranty
Soft-Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • The Soft-Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty is designed to protect your investment and our reputation. It guarantees that Soft-Lite windows will not rot, rust, warp, pit, corrode or blister, and that the vinyl colors will remain true for the life of your home.
  • The Soft-Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-prorated and is fully transferable. Soft-Lite also warranties all moving parts and the hermetically insulated seal against defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty?That’s right, all of Soft-Lite residential windows come standard with a lifetime warranty. It can even be transferred if you move or sell your house.
  • Soft-Lite L.L.C. warrants that its vinyl windows and doors will be free from manufacturing or material defects for as so long as such products remain in use at the home where originally installed and the original purchaser (or authorized transferee) owns and resides in the home.
  • Soft-Lite offers an optional glass breakage rider for extra peace of mind. The Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees that the manufacturer will stand behind these Soft-Lite products to protect the people who buy them.
Omaha Door & Window