Soft-Lite® Imperial Elite™ Vinyl Window

Soft-Lite® Imperial Elite™ Vinyl Window

Soft-Lite’s Elite™ Vinyl window comes in Double or Triple pane glass with different options & styles to meet your custom specifications. Soft-Lite® windows are AAMA® (American Architectural Manufacturers Association®) Gold Label Certified and come with the factory’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • AAMA® (American Architectural Manufacturers Association®) Gold Label Certification is the highest rating in structure and performance a window can receive.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Fusion Welded frame and sash provides a permanent seal that will never separate.
  • Comfort Foam™ Insulation expands into cavities of the vinyl frame and sash providing added strength and energy efficiency over hollow core frames.
  • UltraSmart™ Triple-Fin Weatherstripping helps to minimize air infiltration and is treated with antimicrobial protection to combat the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • K Beam™ Thermal Reinforcement with Kevlar® is utilized in the sash keeper rail of double hung and sliding windows to maximize strength (5 times stronger than steel) and yet minimize thermal conductivity (700 times warmer than aluminum).
  • Endura-Force™ Balance System is ¾” wide. Other balance systems in the market are ½” wide and do not provide the same smooth, ease of operation and durability on double hung windows.
  • Stainless Steel Intercept® Warm-edge Spacer System significantly reduces condensation.
  • Glass Options: Double or Triple Pane, Low-E coatings, Argon or Krypton gas-filled, MagnaSeal™ Spacer, Tempered, Obscure, Tinted, Solar
  • (6) Grid Types: Flat & Wide Flat, Contour & Wide Contour, Pencil, V-Groove
  • (4) Standard Grid Patterns: Colonial, Prairie, Florentine, Diamond plus Special Order Grid Patterns
  • (2) Vinyl Color Options: Soft-White and Beige (both sides same color)
  • (4) Woodgrain Interior Colors: Brazilian Cherry, Cherry, Medium Oak, and Light Oak
  • (11) Additional Exterior Colors
  • Internal Miniblinds in a Lift & Tilt option available in White or Beige

Energy Star® & Energy Star “Most Efficient Products” 2017 Recognition

AAMA Gold Label Certification

AAMA Gold Label
Soft-Lite® Imperial Elite™ windows proudly carry the AAMA Gold Label, which means that they meet stringent performance standards for air leakage, water penetration, and structural load and forced entry resistance testing.

AAMA Gold Label Certification
Soft-Lite® Imperial Elite™ windows have the independent AAMA Gold Label Certification.

The American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association® (AAMA) has independently set the Industry Standard for Maximum Allowable Air Infiltration at 0.30 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) during a 25 MPH wind. This is equal to 2.25 GALLONS of AIR (or imagine 24 soda cans filled with air) that is entering/leaking through the window EVERY MINUTE! The AAMA tested Soft-Lite® windows and determined Imperial Elite™ windows only allow 0.02 CFM of air infiltration at 25 MPH. That is 15 times better than the industry’s minimum allowance for air infiltration/leakage!

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Soft-Lite® Limited Lifetime Warranty is designed to protect your investment and our reputation. It guarantees that Soft-Lite® windows will not rot, rust, warp, pit, corrode or blister, and that the vinyl colors will remain true for the life of your home.

Limited Lifetime Warranty? That’s right. All of Soft-Lite® residential windows come standard with a lifetime warranty. It can even be transferred if you move or sell your house.

Color Options

Note: The screen images of the colors are intended as a GUIDE only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and dye lot variations, all colors are APPROXIMATIONS of actual colors.

Glass Options

Double or Triple Pane, Low-E coatings, Argon or Krypton gas-filled, MagnaSeal™ Spacer, Tempered, Obscure, Tinted, and Solar

Grid Options

(6) Grid Types, (3) Standard Grid Patterns, and Special Order Grid Patterns

Comfort Foam™

  • Comfort Foam™ insulation is standard in the vinyl sash, frame and sill on the Soft-Lite® Imperial Elite™ window.
  • Comfort Foam™ R-5 expanding polyurethane foam insulates sash and frame extrusions improving overall thermal performance.
  • Comfort Foam™ insulation is CFC-free and environmentally friendly.

UltraSmart™ Triple-Fin Weatherstrip

  • UltraSmart™​ Gold Series Tri-Fin™ Gaskets with Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial biocide protection in the yarn of the wool pile fights mold & mildew spores, pollen, dust mites, and other air-borne bacterial fungi. Most other windows have no biocide protection in the weatherstripping.
  • Three sturdy polyethylene fins provide additional barriers and diversions against air drafts and water infiltration. Most other windows only have one thin fin of weatherstripping.
  • The Soft-Lite Imperial LS Double Hung window has (5) pieces of UltraSmart™ weatherstrip on the meeting rail interlock. Most other windows have one or two.

K Beam™ Thermal Reinforcement with Kevlar®

  • K-Beam is advanced composite non-metal sash rail reinforcement. Most manufacturers of vinyl windows today use aluminum or steel to reinforce their vinyl, which works like a thermal short circuit due to the poor thermal properties of the metal.
  • K-Beam is a unique resin-based glass-filled composite material with Kevlar fibers for additional strength. Kevlar made by DuPont® is used to make bullet-point vests.
  • K-Beam is 5 TIMES STRONGER THAN STEEL, 721 TIMES WARMER than aluminum, and unlike fiberglass, able to hold screws. It will not transfer heat or cold through the window as common metal reinforcements do with lesser design.
  • The meeting rails are reinforced with K-Beam and also act as the Mechanical Structural Interlock, which fights intense wind pressure.

Endura-Force™ Balance System

  • Endura-Force™ Balance system provides smooth, quiet, easy lifting and lowering of sashes.
  • Teflon® -coated ¾” Heavy-Duty stainless steel balance never needs lubrication or adjustment. Most other windows use a ½” balance.
  • Balance is installed in a sound-deadening thermoplastic chamber for thermal improvement and cleanliness, which helps prevent air leakage.
  • No strings, pulleys, wire springs, or block and tackle system in a large metal housing that lowers thermal performance.
  • Safety feature holds sash in place so it won’t fall out of jamb.