• Handcrafted 4 or 5 layer polystyrene insulated wood doors R-Value= 5.9
  • Base Wood Options include tongue-and-groove Meranti, Redwood, Light Cedar, Mixed Cedar, Dark Cedar, Fir, smooth or grooved MDO and Smooth Luan.
  • Overlay options include Meranti, Redwood, Light Cedar, Mixed Cedar, Dark Cedar and Fir
  • 7 Factory finish stain options are available on all stain grade wood species include Natural Light, Natural, Cedar, Teak, Butternut, Mahogany and Dark Oak.
  • True divided windows are standard with 1/8” DSB glass.  Obscure, insulated, rain and other special glass options available

Extra Options

Door Designs

Design 1 (1024x892)

Design 1

Design 4 (1024x890)

Design 4

Design 7 (1024x895)

Design 7

Design 2 (1024x887)

Design 2

Design 5 (1024x891)

Design 5

Design 8 (1024x890)

Design 8

Design 3 (1024x891)

Design 3

Design 6 (1024x892)

Design 6

Window/Top sections

arch 1 (1024x240)

Arch 1

top 11 (1024x238)

Top 11

top 12 (1024x239)

Top 12

top 13 (1024x239)

Top 13

top 14 (1024x238)

Top 14

SQ 24 (1024x239)

SQ 24

arch 3 double Door (1024x117)

Arch 3 double Door

arch 3 (1024x239)

Arch 3

arch 4 (1024x239)

Arch 4

arch 13 (1024x238)

Arch 13

arch 14 (1024x237)

Arch 14

REC 13 (1024x240)

REC 13

REC 14 (1024x238)

REC 14

SQ 23 (1024x239)

SQ 23

Materials Options

Dark Cedar (1024x572)

Dark Cedar

Fir (1024x561)


Grooved MDO (1024x509)

Grooved MDO

LT Cedar (1024x569)

LT Cedar

Luan (1024x506)


Meranti (1024x571)


Mixed Cedar (1024x568)

Mixed Cedar

Redwood (1024x575)


Smooth MDO (1024x510)

Smooth MDO

T&G Dark Cedar (1024x507)

T&G Dark Cedar

T&G Fir (1024x504)

T&G Fir

T&G LT Cedar (1024x507)

T&G LT Cedar

T&G Meranti (1024x506)

T&G Meranti

T&G Mixed Cedar (1024x504)

T&G Mixed Cedar

T&G Redwood (1024x507)

T&G Redwood

Factor Staining Options

Butternut 072 (1024x1015)


Cedar 077 (1024x1012)


Dark Oak 009 (1024x1018)

Dark Oak

Mahogany 045 (1024x1024)


Teak 085 (1024x1015)


Natural 078 (1024x1016)


Natural Light 996 (1024x1019)

Natural Light