Weather Shield® Visions® 3500 Series Sliding Vinyl Patio Door

With durable, maintenance-free vinyl and energy efficient construction, the Visions® 3500 Series is one of the most affordable and cost-saving patio door solutions. Available in Sliding Patio Door and French Sliding Patio Door styles.

  •  20-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship
  • Sliding Patio Doors in single panel, 2-panel, and 4-panel configurations
  • French Sliding Patio Doors in single panel and 2-panel configurations
  • Each Vinyl door panel is steel reinforced providing added strength, rigidity, and security
  • Fusion-welded, extruded vinyl frame corners resists air and water infiltration and provide durability
  • End-adjustable tandem ball-bearing rollers ensure smooth operation
  • (4) Solid Vinyl Colors (Same Color Inside and Out): White, Cameo, Tan,
    Desert Tan
  • Exterior Color Options: (5) Painted, (3) Metallic Painted Exteriors, & (45) Designer Colors. Painted exterior colors have a White, Tan, or Cameo Interior Color
  • Zo-e-shield® Glazing System includes Tempered Glass in Double or Triple Pane with insulated Low E2 coatings, Argon gas-filled insulating airspaces, and Real Warm-Edge™ spacers to maximize your patio door’s energy efficiency, protect furnishings from fading, and keep your home comfortable in summer and winter extreme temperatures
  • Real Warm-Edge® Spacer System has no metal to transfer temperatures,
    improving energy efficiency and reducing condensation and frost build-up.
  • Specialty Glass: Obscure, Gray Tinted, Bronze Tinted
  • Grille Options: Profile- Flat or Sculptured. Styles- Grille Between the Glass and Simulated Divided Lite
  • (7) Hardware Finishes: White, Cameo, Tan, Rustic Bronze, Desert Tan, Bright Brass PVD, and Brushed Nickel PVD
  • Screen Options: Fiberglass Mesh (standard). Options: No See-um Mesh or Aluminum Non-glare Mesh

Solid Vinyl Colors

Solid Vinyl (Same Color Inside And Out)

Painted Exterior Colors


Painted Exteriors**

Metallic Painted Exteriors**

Designer Exterior Colors

Zo-e-shield® Glass Package Options

High Quality Glaze
Maximize your patio door’s energy efficiency with the exclusive Zo-e-shield® glazing system. With powerful layers of Low-E coating, optional EasyCare® surface coating, inert gas-filled insulating airspace, and Real Warm-Edge™ spacers, Weather Shield’s glazing options represent the ultimate in energy efficiency for any climate.

Real Warm-Edge™ Spacer

Real Warm-Edge™ Spacer
With no metal to transfer temperatures, glass is thermally efficient -reducing condensation and frost build-up. Warm-Edge™ Spacers  are standard on all Weather Shield insulated glass packages.

Weather Shield® Visions® 3500 Sliding Patio Door Hardware & Finishes